Air Infiltration and Energy Loss Is A Problem For Everyone

Air infiltration and energy loss

People tend to associate drafts with discomfort. If there’s a cold draft, it means either working with heavy clothes on or turning up the heat. The opposite is true in warm weather, when either the air conditioning needs to be turned up or individuals need to wear cooler clothing. What people often ignore, though, is the sheer amount of energy loss that this air infiltration causes and how costly it can be, both in terms of money and in terms of impact on the environment.

Air Infiltration and Energy Loss

Air infiltration is the technical term for what happens when air from the outside of a building gets inside, usually unintentionally, through drafts around doors and windows or broken vents that let in too much air. Air infiltration brings in contaminants from the outside, alters the temperature, and results in energy loss. The net result is that everything from air quality to temperature is affected.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the potential energy savings from reducing drafts in a home may range from 5% to 30% per year, and the home is generally much more comfortable afterward.

Preventing Energy Loss With Air Infiltration Barriers

Preventing air infiltration means that you’re saving money, energy, and the environment. That said, prevention is not an easy task. It requires identifying places where air can enter a structure and making sure those potential openings are sealed.

For new structures, it’s important to design the right air infiltration barrier system and install the right products to prevent air infiltration in the first place (membranes, insulation, venting, etc.). Once construction is underway, the installation must be monitored to ensure that the steps put in place to keep unwanted air out will work.

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