Boulder Wildland Fire Station – Solutions for a Demanding Environment

Boulder Fire Station

When the Boulder Wildland Fire Station was being built, DELTA®-VENT S was chosen for its high standards of durability. The building, designed by Allred & Associates, was added to an existing Firefighting Regional Training Facility. Boulder Wildland Fire Station will become the command center for all Boulder Wildland firefighting needs. Facing the Rocky Mountains, the facility sits between the Sixmile and Boulder Reservoirs. Pete Averson, of Boulder Commercial Real Estate has deemed it as one of the most unique commercial buildings in Boulder, Colorado.

Strong winds often sweep down over the Rockies, causing high pressure on the building. DELTA®-VENT S is mechanically attached (i.e. nailed on), but is very strong and tear-resistant so it stayed firmly in place during installation and will protect the building during power washes, as well as high winds or wind-driven rain.

The architecture of the Regional Training Facility establishes an agrarian theme with its simple wedge-shaped design and burnt red colors. The perimeter access road, a circle, reassembles the outline of a large crop circle which are prevalent in the rural parts of Colorado farm lands. The Boulder Wildland building utilizes another agricultural shape, the silo. This large cylinder with metal cladding tied architecturally to rural heritage of grain silos. Ribbed exterior metal panels, rigid insulation, gypsum board and storefront systems maintain the circular structure. The seams between each metal panel led Allred & Associates to choose DELTA®-VENT S. A higher performing membrane than regular commercial wrap, DELTA®-VENT S has been used in Europe for over 30 years.

Boulder Fire Station

When designing the interior, the architect thought about a firefighter’s rest time. The back half of the cylinder houses the apparatus and equipment necessary for firefighting. The front half of the station is equipped with a full kitchen and dining room, a fitness room, offices, a conference room, and a large patio that faces toward the Rocky Mountains. Four bunkrooms that also face the mountains allow accommodation for large numbers of firefighters in the case of a major firefighting event.

Challenges: The building was required to achieve LEED Silver in its design and construction. This led Allred & Associates to choose DELTA®-VENT S, a premium water-resistive and air barrier. It is a vapor-permeable WRB, allowing moisture within the building enclosure to escape through the membrane via diffusion. Its permeability and air tightness make it ideal for the energy efficient construction of the Boulder Wildland Fire Station.