Attention Builders: Home Buyers Want Dry Basements

DELTA®-DRAIN is a highly effective drainboard that provides a significantly more comfortable basement.

High Performance Drainboards Provide Reliable Waterproofing Protection

If you offer basements with your homes, you realize what a problem moisture can be.  When a downpour causes a flooded basement, you get blamed. Flooded basements can also come from grading problems, unforeseen underground water issues, or something as simple as gutter placement. Whatever the cause, as the builder, you get the blame.

Even if a basement doesn’t flood, it can be damp and musty, or even have mold. In these cases, the basement is seldom used because it is so uncomfortable. The homeowner is not happy and, in today’s world of online reviews and social media, you can’t afford an unhappy customer.

If you are still building basements simply to pass code, you are risking a lot. You are also missing an opportunity to set yourself apart from other builders as the quality builder.

Simple sprayed or rolled on asphaltic dampproofing (commonly referred to as “tar”) is frequently used on the exterior of foundation walls. This type of dampproofing is not a full moisture barrier. The premise on which it is used is that oil and water do not mix.

Builders who want to reduce the risk of a wet basement use a combination of a waterproofing barrier, such as DELTA®-THENE 40 or DELTA®-THENE 60, as well as a drainboard like DELTA®-DRAIN to protect the membrane and channel water away from the basement walls.

DELTA®-DRAIN is a highly effective drainboard that controls the flow of below grade water. Its high water-flow capacity ensures effective drainage and provides a significantly more comfortable basement.

DELTA®-DRAIN is composed of a 2-layer dimpled membrane made of special high-density polyethylene and PP non-woven TYPAR® geotextile.

The first layer is the high-density polyethylene drainage core that allows incoming water to freely drain to the footing perimeter. The dimple pattern proves high compressive strength and toughness. It also acts as highly effective protection layer for the waterproofing material during backfill operations.

The second layer is a heat-bonded polypropylene geotextile. Securely bonded to dimple crowns by a thermal process for lasting durability and performance, this geosynthetic material provides superb filtering performance. The rot-proof geotextile is highly water permeable, and prevents clogging of the flow passages in the drainage core. The result: continuous drainage of incoming water to the footing perimeter.

The middle layer of DELTA®-DRAIN is manufactured with an exclusive co-extrusion process, utilizing 60% recycled High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) from municipal recycling programs. The two thin outer layers are composed of a specific grade of virgin HDPE. We use this process, exclusive to the US dimple sheet industry, due to our respect for nature and environmental protection, as well as our strong commitment to sustainable products.

All recycle-based products are vulnerable to degradation. The encapsulation of the recycled HDPE ensures that DELTA®-DRAIN is adequately protected against polymer degradation caused by oxidation and environmental influences like acidic soils or alkalinity (concrete). DELTA®-DRAIN is also equipped with highly effective additive packages, stabilizing it against oxidation and chemical and environmental stress crack resistance.

DELTA®-DRAIN provides outstanding compressive strength and impact resistance. Its toughness and stiffness enables the dimpled sheet to endure the rigors of job site installation. Available in 6′ and 8′ wide rolls, DELTA®-DRAIN is offered as the largest size drainboard available on the market today, making installation quick and easy.

dampproofing and waterproofing

Complete Systems Require a Waterproofing Barrier

Certain problems arise with sprayed or rolled on asphaltic damproofing that do not occur with waterproofing barriers. During installation dirt is directly packed against the dampproofing, which allows for easy penetrations, scrapes, or displacement. Also with dirt directly packed against the asphaltic dampproofing, there is no capillary break. With a proper waterproofing barrier, there is a complete capillary break behind the cladding which provides ventilation, and drains transient moisture migrating through the wall structure.

If you are going to upgrade your waterproofing system to include a drainboard, you also need to invest in the correct waterproofing barrier.

DELTA®-THENE 60 and DELTA®-THENE 40 are full coverage, below grade, self-adhering, waterproofing barriers.

The difference between the two is thickness. DELTA®-THENE 40 is a 40 mil (1 mm) self-adhering membrane. DELTA®-THENE 60 is a 60 mil (1.5 mm) self-adhering membrane.

Depending on the project needs, sometimes DELTA®-THENE 40 does not provide enough protection in certain below grade waterproofing situations. For a heavier duty waterproofing barrier, look to DELTA®-THENE 60.

They are both composed of SBS (styrene-butadiene-styrene) modified asphalt, combined with a cross-laminated polyethylene film. The products ensure moisture protection with high-quality sealing capabilities. Additionally, DELTA®-THENE 40 and 60 provide radon protection.

DELTA®-THENE 40 and 60 come in manageable 920 mm (36”) rolls with a release liner for easy application. When used in combination with DELTA®-DRAIN, DELTA®-THENE 40 and 60 provide waterproofing security for any residential waterproofing application.

Stick to High Performance Products

Using high performance products like DELTA®-DRAIN and DELTA®-THENE 40 or 60 will provide reliable, long term, waterproofing protection for your foundation. A usable, dry basement will add value to your home and reputation, protect you from litigation, and ensure the happiness of your future homeowner. Don’t make your next basement a just storage space. Proper waterproofing protection of your foundation has long-lasting benefits.

If you’d like more information on how DELTA® products can keep your basements dry click here.