Lawsuits for Mold and Moisture Damage in Buildings


MoldThe Mold You Can’t See Poses More Danger Than the Mold in Your Refrigerator

Stories about lawsuits for mold and moisture damage in buildings abound. Unfortunately, there are a lot of dangers associated with mold–and they aren’t just dangers regarding the state of the building.  When mold accumulates over time, it can cause health problems in the individuals working in those buildings–sometimes health problems from which recovery is difficult.

In the case of Foster Arnett, Jr., who works as a county clerk in Knoxville, Tennessee, the “toxic mold spores” in the courthouse where he works have been eroding his health for quite some time.  According to two reports from his doctors, Arnett’s health concerns can be life-threatening.

He’s taking action to ensure that he and all of his coworkers are moved out of the section of the building that is causing so much trouble:  a lawsuit against the Public Building Authority, which is responsible for making sure that problems like these aren’t present in buildings used by the Knoxville government.

Arnett isn’t suing for damages, however.  Unlike many people in his position, he’s not out to make a huge amount of money out of what’s happened to him.  He is taking legal action in an effort to get the attention that the case needs so that the building will be taken care of appropriately.  The suit does request that the Public Building Authority pay for his medical bills and legal costs, but this is a last resort for Arnett, not a plea for money.  He simply wants for the judge to immediately close the part of the building where he’s been working and move those employees elsewhere.

Arnett has filed numerous complaints about the building over the past year, but thus far his complaints have been ignored.  That’s what ultimately forced him into taking legal action, which he plans to pursue until he’s sure that his employees have been moved to a safer location.

Problems like this are frequently caused by ineffective control of air and moisture flow between the interior and exterior of the building.  One of the most effective ways to control the flow of air and moisture is by using the right air and moisture membrane.

Failure to control the flow of air and moisture can lead to costly legal problems that can damage both your reputation and your chequebook.


Dörken manufacturers a number of high-performance air and moisture membranes such as DELTA®-VENT SA.  A well-designed air and moisture control system that uses correctly installed high-quality membranes is a good insurance policy against problems with mold and moisture.