Easier, Faster and More Accurate Wall Designs

BIM building information modeling

Wall designs are one of the most time consuming projects for an architect.  As you design buildings that are energy-efficient and compliant with code changes, the wall details become more detail-oriented and evermore critical to the performance of the building.

Dörken, in collaboration with Roxul, has generated BIM files for wall sections, including air and water-resistive barrier details. They are published in a new category in Autodesk Seek for easier, faster and more accurate wall designs.

Wall Detail Autodesk Seek

You No Longer Have To Create These Details

From Scratch


  • Complex details including structural components and cladding
  • Continuous insulation to minimize heat loss
  • Continuous air barrier to control air leakage
  • Simply download and use for dramatic time savings
  • 6 wall sections with 10 details per section in light and heavy cladding

Saving you valuable time and increasing productivity!


Click Here to View The New Wall Details in Autodesk Seek

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If you have any questions on how to use the new BIM files, or if you have any questions regarding the wall details, just contact our BIM expert, Krzysztof Apriasz.

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