The Build Show Tours German Facility

When Matt Risinger was in Germany for the BAU 2019 trade fair, we invited The Build Show for an exclusive tour of our nearby high-tech Dörken production plant for a close look at how DELTA® air and moisture barriers come together.

In 1995, Dörken brought its technological advancements to North America, though the state-of-the-art facility in Germany continues to be a hub for industry research. For professional builders like Matt, we aim to provide a full experience that they can trust from the point of purchase through the lifetime of their project, making their job easier and helping them produce better buildings. The best way to do this is by manufacturing every component of DELTA® in house. What surprised Matt and his team most was the control we maintain throughout the production process, from polymer pellets all the way to the final roll. Having the ability to invent processes and develop new technology means we can create better products with builders and contractors in mind so they in turn can deliver better end products for their customers.

Being a hands-on manufacturer that operates in over 60 countries is a testament to the quality of our products. It’s not often we offer a behind-the-scenes look at what excites us and drives product innovation!




About Matt Risinger,  CEO & Chief Builder at Risinger & Co.:Matt Risinger of The Build Show and Risinger Homes

Upon graduating from Grove City College in Pennsylvania with a degree in Industrial Management, Matt began his construction career at NVR in Washington DC.

In 2005 Matt and his growing family relocated to Austin where he started Risinger & Company. Matt is dedicated to Building Science and is a recognized expert & thought leader in the industry.

He also has a large following on his YouTube channel, where you can find videos on installation techniques, product reviews, and everything in between. You can find additional details on Matt on our About the Blog page.