Meet Dörken’s Technical Service Manager

Krzysztof Apriasz, Dörken’s Technical Service Manager, solves everyday challenges for every type of project

Skilled in engineering, AutoCAD, Revit, strategic planning, building codes, and on-site training, Krzysztof Apriasz, Dörken’s Technical Service Manager, is the go-to individual when it comes to knowing the ins and outs of DELTA® products. In this role, he is responsible for providing product solutions for the whole building envelope, to help build and maintain healthy structures and homes that are free from mold, moisture, and rot. As a Certified Passive House Consultant, he develops Passive House details and provides extensive expertise to customers in building for energy efficiency.

Working with architects, engineers, and contractors, part of his job is to ensure proper installation and use of our DELTA® products. He also ensures that all building code approvals from the Canadian Constructions Materials Centre (CCMC) and International Code Council (ICC) are up to date and maintained. If a specific product needs to be changed or if traditional testing is required, Krzysztof handles all the testing details to verify that the product will meet the updated code requirements.

When complex details are difficult for an architect or an installer to visualize, Krzysztof builds demonstration wall sections to make solutions more easily comprehended. The wall sections help to provide a comprehensive visual of DELTA® components working together and how they easily fit within window coverings and membranes.

Dörken has a strong commitment to sustainability and is dedicated to ensuring our products or by-products do not have a negative impact on the world. Being a Passive House Consultant and part of the Passive House network, Krzysztof is passionate about Dörken’s green initiatives and personally obtains certifications so that builders, designers, and building owners can feel secure that our products do not use, product, or release any of the Red List Materials listed by The International Living Future Institute (ILFI).  Krzysztof is excited to be able to provide solutions through architectural detail drawings, products, and proper training in how to make the world more sustainable. Together with another manufacturer, Krzysztof created a set of details that was approved by the Passive House Institute in Germany, which lead to the DELTA®-VENT SA as a certified product for cool temperature climate.  

We recently spoke with Krzysztof to learn more about his role at Dörken and some of the challenges that he commonly sees within the building industry.

Why is Looking at the Whole Building Envelope Important?

A building envelope needs to be carefully considered, installed, and properly inspected to help ensure that the overall structure will perform for many years. This includes selecting the right components that are installed efficiently at the correct location. 

Krzysztof says not looking at every aspect of the building envelope can lead to significant and costly issues for builders and owners down the road. Specifically, for residential homes. “When people go to buy a house, they are looking at cosmetic appearances such as hardwood floors or granite countertops; they don’t inquire about what makes up the wall system,” said Krzysztof. “That’s why it’s important to look at how everything ties together, how to prevent moisture from getting into the wall, or if the wall does get wet, how it can dry out. It’s extremely important to put proper membranes in the proper locations, and use the right installation products so that everything is done correctly.”

How Can You Make A Building Envelope Better?

Krzysztof has created a DELTA® Academy Video Series to show builders how to create high-performance buildings with the right above- and below-grade air and moisture control barriers. Each video features a step-by-step explanation and demonstration that highlights which specific DELTA® products can be used and how to install them correctly. Starting with the foundation, moving up through the walls, and finally tackling the roof, it’s a quick way to see how high-performance products help ensure a healthy, energy-efficient building, bottom up.

Watch Krzysztof’s videos below:

Correct Installation and Detailing, Step by Step

The DELTA® Academy Video Series was a great opportunity to help educate builders on the importance of creating high-performance buildings and the value it really holds. “It can be hard to sell that concept because it’s not a visible thing that you see every day,” said Krzysztof. “Unlike flooring or fixtures, you don’t see the air barrier or its installation. Once a product like DELTA®-MS is in, you don’t ever see it again. And so, you don’t think about it again.”

By focusing on the entire building envelope, your building can perform better and last for generations. “It’s not only important for contractors and builders but for educating potential homeowners. If I’m going to live in this building for the next 50 years, I want to make sure it’s done right.”

Common Building Mistakes

In addition to looking at the entire makeup of a building, there are many common residential and commercial building errors that can be prevented altogether. One of the main issues Krzysztof sees is incorrect detailing. “You can have the best product, but it will fail if you don’t install it correctly.”

One of the most common detailing mistakes is failing to detail the windows or roofing materials correctly. One way to combat this is by making products that are easy to use, easy to install, and offer a simple design. “With the short rolls that we have, we have made it easy for installers to detail corners and they are pre-cut so they don’t need to worry about that,” said Krzysztof. “It’s also light, which saves them time and energy, so they can install it easier.” To help with proper detailing of windows, Krzysztof recommends using DELTA®-VENT SA, along with pre-stripping the window, and installing DELTA®-FLASHING on top of the sill to prevent any moisture from getting into the wood.

Another thing to keep in mind is once these products are installed, it’s important to remember the finishing details on DELTA®-MS such as mold strips, and having sufficient spacing for fasteners. This is even more important in areas with less forgiving climates and areas with a lot of moisture. “It’s important to finish the top correctly to prevent dirt from getting behind the membrane,” Krzysztof continued. “If you look at buying a townhouse for $500,000, that’s a big investment. And adding a dimple sheet to a portion of a house is a small price to pay to give the homeowners that extra level of protection and peace of mind.”

The Importance of Energy Efficiency & Passive House

Energy efficiency is also something about which Krzysztof is passionate. Being a Passive House Consultant, he is well versed in how builders and architects can apply these principles to their designs. “I think energy efficiency is important and it’s going to be even more important as years go by,” he said. “With Passive House, you have to use a lot more insulation so you have to be sure that you are installing properly.”

There are certain products available for builders to help ensure proper insulation. “Products like DELTA®-VENT SA are airtight but still vapor permeable, so that they can dry the moisture to the outside or inside, depending on what season we’re in.” Cities like Vancouver, Texas, and New York are doing more Passive House construction recently. As energy efficiency becomes even more important, it could start to gain momentum in other cities within Canada and the U.S. as well.

In 2019, DELTA®-VENT SA received Passive House Institute Certification.

Helping to Make Building Investments Better

One of the greatest benefits of being the Technical Service Manager at Dörken is that Krzysztof has the expertise and technical knowledge to assist people of all backgrounds with a variety of issues. From engineers to contractors to owners, Krzysztof enjoys connecting with people and providing them with solutions they can implement quickly. “Whether it’s a simple question or a complicated issue, you have to be able to help everybody,” he said. “I talk to people who have very different levels of understanding, those who may not have the experience or the tools to solve the problem. It’s a great feeling to help provide solutions and make someone’s investment better.”

Watch KrzysztofApriasz’s video series on the DELTA® Academy Online Hub or on our YouTube channel.