Dörken introduced their new DELTA®-PROTEC Subfloor System for Concrete Floors at The International Surface Event in Las Vegas. The show features the most extensive display of floor covering, natural & engineered stone, tile products and educational offerings in the world.

Flooring Dealers Were Impressed

Flooring dealers frequently have customers who install laminate flooring over concrete only to find those rooms cold, damp and uncomfortable.  Dealers have tried many different types of underlayments to make rooms comfortable, and none of them have worked very well.

The major reason these rooms are uncomfortable is the moisture that naturally moves up through the concrete and past the flooring.   DELTA®-PROTEC Subfloor System blocks the moisture with a fully sealed vapor barrier that is installed between the concrete and the flooring.

DELTA®-PROTEC Subfloor System is the first underlayment to provide a fully sealed vapor barrier that prevents moisture from entering the living space.  Flooring dealers were glad to hear they can now provide a beautiful new floor and a comfortable space that their customers can enjoy.  To avoid costly callbacks and unhappy customers, the dealers, agreed with the idea of Do it Once Do it Right.

How It Works

In addition to providing a fully sealed vapor barrier, DELTA®-PROTEC features air-gap technology that provides a thermal break between finished floors and the cold concrete. Ordinary subfloors allow a direct connection from the cold concrete to the flooring.  Other subfloors allow moisture to come up through the seams, making the room damp and chilly and putting the wood at risk for rot due to increased moisture.

Dealers come to the Surfaces Show to find new products that will make them more successful, and they found one with DELTA®-PROTEC.  Learn more about DELTA®-PROTEC by clicking here.