Reducing Lawsuits for Mold Damage in Buildings

Reducing Lawsuits for Mold Damage

There are countless stories about lawsuits for mold and moisture damage in buildings, none of which are insignificant. Mold and moisture damage in buildings is a serious topic that has garnered millions of dollars of litigation for companies and individuals.

Buildings that do not properly mitigate moisture and water leakage can present toxic and mold-infested environments that create a myriad of health issues. These include respiratory problems, wheezing, coughing, severe allergies and potentially death. Not to mention, a company’s reputation and moral integrity could be at stake if it is found to have not provided a healthy environment and air quality for its tenants, customers or employees.

Moisture Lawsuits Are Expensive

This is why it is crucial for buildings to be protected with high performance moisture protection systems that are durable and sustainable. Cosella-Dorken seeks to provide exceptional and innovative products that can help architects make responsible decisions when developing commercial buildings.

We provide a comprehensive line of air and water-resistive barriers that provide moisture management of building enclosures. Our high performance wall barrier products, keep wall systems dry and draft-free.

Not only are DELTA® products manufactured to protect building structures from harmful water damage, they also do it responsibly and with the environment in mind. All our products support sustainability, are non-toxic and emit zero volatile organic compounds (VOC). These are but a few of the green qualities that characterize our products.

High performance products that protect against unwanted mold and mildew damage in a responsible and sustainable way is what most characterizes DELTA® products. At Cosella-Dorken, we aim to reduce the number of costly mold and moisture lawsuits by helping the industry design and construct better and more resilient buildings.

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