5 Things to Consider with Air & Moisture Barriers

air moisture barrier considerations

As many people are aware, energy-saving designs in construction have been made increasingly mandatory. With these changes in mind, the use of air barriers, vapor barriers, water-resistive barriers, (fluid applied and sheet/membrane) can aid in the proper performance of buildings and help to reduce maintenance efforts later down the line.

Air Moisture Barrier Considerations

1.    Such design changes typically increase the amount of insulation that will be required in a given structure, which subsequently tends to reduce fluctuations in temperature through the wall. When used appropriately,  vapor retarders and air barriers will help manage any additional  moisture load.

2.    Unregulated airflow leads to disruptions that result in issues with thermal performance, energy consumption, and uncomfortable living spaces. The proper use of air barriers can reduce energy consumption by as much as thirty percent, and help maintain an environmental equilibrium from room to room.

3.    In conjunction with various forms of insulation and vapor barriers, such as vinyl wall coverings or polyethylene sheets, air barriers are part of a system that controls the growth of moisture-caused mold issues.

4.    Adding weather resistive barriers to your building will prevent any additional outside moisture from seeping into the structure and compromising building materials. In addition to preventing mold growth, this also keeps rotting at bay, thus improving overall air quality indoors and avoiding unnecessary expensive repair costs in the future.

5.    If certain building materials are used, such as concrete and masonry, WRB’s (both fluid and sheet membrane) are versatile options that help to prevent water buildup during construction and can be applied easily as construction progresses. The fluid and sheets can last for years if applied correctly and covered with cladding in an appropriate amount of time.

As always, there is a fair amount to consider when planning a new building project, and the addition of these high performance barriers should be something to strongly consider. Care to learn more? Feel free to visit our website.