Building Science Deconstructed: Thank you!

As provinces and states begin to reopen and resume work, lots will need to be done to recover time and costs associated with the delays. To shorten the economic recovery process, we need to be prepared to get back to work as quickly as possible and to know ahead of time what’s available to do so. Many will go back with a fresh perspective and will be evaluating entire contractual remedies and rethinking usual business operations.

It has always been our goal to provide our customers and distributors with essential information and resources to assist in this endeavor. As part of this initiative, Dörken introduced a new learning series, Building Science Deconstructed, aimed at providing the industry with accessible and free education focused on better building practices, technology, and building science.

With the help of partners, experts, and organizations, we’re working hard to provide the latest in building science excellence. From continuing education webinars to informal coffee chats, our priority is to keep our network up to date and help them learn, so they can return to work with new knowledge in hand. Ultimately, we want to give them the skills they need to have a competitive edge and be successful.


On behalf of the global Dörken family, we want to thank every laborer, business owner, and those across the building material supply chain. Without a doubt, our industry has played an integral role in managing a global pandemic.