Cold Joints are Prone to Moisture Damage

Cold Joints and Moisture Damage

Cold Joints Should Not Be Ignored

Cold joints can cause serious foundation problems if not dealt with properly. A cold joint occurs where two separate pours of concrete meet; one pour is cured and one pour is not. The hardening of the two are inconsistent, leaving a potential gap between the two layers. A serious problem with cold joints is that they allow for moisture intrusion at the weak point. If water settles in the joint, it can lead to severe water leaks, as well as degradation, cracking, or erosion. Moreover, it can progress and lead to more harmful moisture damage, such as mold.

A Specialized Waterproofing Membrane is the Solution

DELTA®-COLDJOINT BARRIER is a self-adhesive, waterproofing membrane that protects critical foundation areas, such as cold joints. When used in combination with DELTA®-MS, or any other approved membrane, it provides a high degree of security against water penetration due to fluctuating water tables in an effective foundation protection system. DELTA®-COLDJOINT BARRIER helps by preventing the inward migration of moisture that accumulates on top of the footing.

DELTA®-COLDJOINT BARRIER is a self-adhering (peel & stick) membrane. Easy to install, the product comes in wide rolls with a center split release liner. A dotted line along the center allows for easy alignment and convenient markings for trouble-free measuring.

When used in combination with a proper waterproofing membrane, DELTA®-COLDJOINT BARRIER protects sensitive, damage-prone areas to create an effective foundation protection system.