Stunning Open Joint Cabin Requires Specialized Protection

DELTA®-FASSADE S Water-Resistive Barrier

(Photography by Adrien Williams)

Tucked away in the woods just outside Montreal sits a modern, stunning cabin overlooking Grenier Lake. Large windows take in the expansive forest and surrounding views. Local architect Paul Bernier understands this environment, and chose materials to complement it.

Clad in cedar panels, and topped with a garden roof, the cabin feels at ease in the woods. Over time, this relationship between architecture and environment will develop further. The cedar panels will fade like the surrounding trees and the vegetation will grow around the structure to match the roof, fully integrating the cabin into its setting.

The modern and highly angular shape of the cabin harmonizes with the topography. Bernier adds, “Its meandering shape is determined by the opportunities offered by the surrounding landscape…The structure bends, opens, and narrows like a river carving its own path.”

Open Joint Cabin Requires Specialized Protection

Inside the cabin, hickory wood panels mimic the cedar clad exterior. Bernier chose to contrast these natural materials with concrete floors and white walls, making the space refreshing and modern.

Open Joint Cabin Requires Specialized Protection

Open Joint Cladding Challenges

The open joint cedar panels directly expose the water-resistive barrier to the Canadian elements. An underlayment was needed that could supply heavy duty moisture protection and UV stabilization. If the proper underlayment was not chosen or installed, the project could suffer severe moisture damage down the line.

DELTA®-FASSADE S was the water-resistive barrier chosen for this project. Designed for use in open cladding systems, the watertight membrane is highly stabilized against damage from UV exposure. Additionally, the product is highly vapor permeable and tear resistant. The matte black of DELTA®-FASSADE S provides a blank canvas for the cedar panels, allowing the architecture to shine and adding striking three dimensional depth to the look..

This innovative cabin required a high perform
ance underlayment that would not fail under harsh weather conditions. DELTA®-FASSADE S will protect the structure for years to come, and fulfill the architect’s dream of fully integrating the structure into its environment.

Open Joint Cabin Requires Specialized Protection

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