Designing a UV-Resistant Water Barrier for High-Performance Buildings


Protecting building materials from long periods of UV exposure is especially difficult when it comes to air- and water-resistive barriers, as the damage is virtually impossible to detect by eye. 

DELTA®-STRATUS SA protects residential and commercial buildings against air and water, while offering longer-lasting, superior UV protection. Certified Passive House Consultant and experienced technical services manager Krzysztof Apriasz shares some of the benefits and unique features of this UV-resistant water barrier.

About DELTA®-STRATUS SA water barrier

delta stratus sa air and water resistive barrier

DELTA®-STRATUS SA is a fully self-adhered air- and water-resistive barrier that is vapor permeable and features a layer of acrylic coating which provides superior UV protection for a longer period of time – up to 180 days. 

The UV-resistant water barrier is ideal for walls and detailing windows and doors, as the application is predictable and straightforward, thanks to the self-adhering edge lap. 

DELTA®-STRATUS SA is also a seamless fit into any project with:

  • Extreme UV radiation expectations
  • Longer construction schedules 
  • A faster installation timeline
  • The need for a lightweight, durable barrier

Prioritizing UV protection for buildings

Protecting air- and water-resistive barriers from UV exposure is extremely important for upholding their performance in the wall system. 

DELTA®-STRATUS SA was tested using real-world conditions to ensure it retains optimum water-penetration resistance, air tightness, and building integrity.

If you’d like to learn more about the effects of UV on air- and water-resistive barriers, download our research paper that covers every aspect of UV damage and building materials.