High-Performance Buildings: DELTA®-FASSADE S


Open-joint cladding design requires more attention and protection from exterior weather and UV exposure. It’s important to choose the right WRB that can stand up to UV light and provide superior protection from wind and water.



Open-joint cladding design offers architects more freedom and flexibility to create cutting-edge buildings. However, due to the visual aesthetic of this type of design, the inner walls of the structure are more exposed to wind, water, and UV rays. Over time, this can jeopardize a building’s integrity and performance.

However, implementing the right weather-resistant barrier into the design can ensure the structure lasts a lifetime.

In this episode of High-Performance Buildings with Dörken, Dörken’s Technical Service Manager Krzysztof Apriasz features two of Dörken’s weather-resistive barriers – DELTA®-FASSADE S and DELTA®-FASSADE SA for open-joint cladding. He explains some of the unique features of these weather-resistive barriers and how they protect against water, wind, and UV exposure.


About Krzysztof Apriasz

Krzysztof is Dörken’s Technical Service Manager, responsible for ensuring proper installation and use of all DELTA® products. He also works to maintain and uphold all building code approvals as well as provide product solutions for the whole building envelope, helping to build and maintain healthy structures and homes that are free from mold, moisture, and rot. Krzysztof is also a Certified Passive House Consultant, providing extensive expertise to customers in building for energy efficiency.



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