Breaking Down a WRB Engineered for Open-Joint Cladding

When it comes to open-joint cladding systems, it’s important to choose the right water-resistive barrier (WRB) that can stand up to UV light and provide superior protection from wind and water.


Due to the visual aesthetic of this type of design, the inner walls of the structure are more exposed to wind, water, and UV rays. Over time, this can jeopardize a building’s integrity and performance.

And that’s why the Dörken team engineered a WRB designed specifically for open-joint cladding: DELTA®-FASSADE S.

Watch our quick two-minute breakdown on the unique features of this WRB, and how they protect exterior wood cladding against water, wind, and UV exposure.


DELTA®-FASSADE S is the only UV-stable, water-resistive barrier that is tested under and has passed ICC-AC38.

delta-fassade s water resistive barrier

A high-performance solution for open-joint cladding, DELTA®-FASSADE S is a watertight membrane that is highly vapor permeable and extremely tear resistant. Highly stabilized against damage from UV exposure, the barrier is designed for use in cladding systems that have open joints up to 2” (50 mm) wide, which expose up to 40% of the entire façade surface.

If you’d like to learn more about the system, you can review product specifications. And if you’d like to see its application in a real project, this Project Profile shows how DELTA®-FASSADE S was used to protect the Denver Botanic Garden’s Science Pyramid in a complex and harsh climate.

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