High-Performance Buildings: DELTA®-FASSADE SA


At Dörken, we take pride in responding to unique industry needs with superior-performing solutions. Think of us as the air- and water-resistive barrier know-it-alls of open-joint cladding.



When working with open-joint cladding designs, building professionals once had to choose between design integrity and protection. With no signs of the trend slowing down, this industry-wide dilemma inspired us to develop new product solutions in the form of highly UV-resistant air and water barriers.

Offered alongside DELTA®-FASSADE S, DELTA®-FASSADE SA is a four-layer, self-adhered air- and water-resistive barrier with industry-leading UV stability to ensure product performance and longevity. Its two outer layers are made of a high-strength, spun-bonded polypropylene (PP) fabric and are thermally bonded to a highly vapor permeable, watertight polymeric middle layer, offering a hybrid between the industry-proven DELTA®-VENT SA and DELTA®-FASSADE S.

On top of all of this, the product features an innovative UV-resistant acrylic coating that is proven to provide true UV protection.

The innovation of two high-performance products designed to protect open-joint cladding has afforded us the opportunity to work on some truly inspirational buildings across North America.

In this episode of High-Performance Buildings with Dörken, Dörken’s Technical Service Manager Krzysztof Apriasz reviews how to install DELTA®-FASSADE SA and which other Dörken accessories can be used.


About Krzysztof Apriasz

Krzysztof is Dörken’s Technical Service Manager, responsible for ensuring proper installation and use of all DELTA® products. He also works to maintain and uphold all building code approvals as well as provide product solutions for the whole building envelope, helping to build and maintain healthy structures and homes that are free from mold, moisture, and rot. Krzysztof is also a Certified Passive House Consultant, providing extensive expertise to customers in building for energy efficiency.



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