Energy Efficiency Adds Value to Your Property



Insulation Requires a High Performance Air and Moisture Barrier to be Effective

In the past, buildings had drafts, allowing air and moisture vapor to flow relatively freely through the exterior walls, keeping the wall cavity moisture-free.

Increasing levels of insulation kept buildings more comfortable, but insulation can create a dew point inside the wall cavity where moisture vapor can condense. This water reduces the effectiveness of the insulation and can also lead other moisture problems such as mold.

This is why air barriers and moisture barriers are becoming increasingly important. Tighter buildings are designed to prevent outside air and bulk liquid from entering, while allowing damaging interior moisture vapor to escape.

Building Wrap Is Not the Solution

Building wraps are often used even though they are easily damaged. This is primarily caused by the difficultly of properly installing building wrap; every staple hole, seam, or wall intrusion allows for movement of air. Uncontrolled air movement can lead to unwanted condensation due to temperature differentials across the wall.

More and more buildings are being built with high performance membranes to increase airtightness. The highest performing barriers are fully adhered sheets that have a superior material as well as fool-proof installation.

An Air Barrier and Moisture Barrier Ensures Airtightness

A high performance air and moisture barrier resists air movement, and therefore moisture, by increased airtightness. Without the proper air barrier and moisture barrier, your building could be at risk from the possible damage of moisture infiltration.

DELTA®-VENT SA is a self-adhering, vapor permeable, water-resistive barrier and air barrier.

The products high vapor permeability, allows moisture within the building enclosure to escape through the membrane via diffusion. It is fully adhered to the substrate, so no fasteners are required, eliminating leaks and improving the performance of the building enclosure with increased air-tightness, making it ideal for energy-efficient construction.

Tear-resistant and water-tight, DELTA®-VENT SA withstands the rigors of job sites, as well as tough wind and weather.

DELTA®-VENT SA is installed outboard of the sheathing prior to the application of the final cladding system. Light-weight, and durable, this membrane withstands the rigors of installation. DELTA®-VENT SA is the only self-adhering WRB and air barrier with the security of a self-adhesive edge lap.

Stick to High Performance Products

Using a high performance product like DELTA®-VENT SA will give you confidence that you will have an energy efficient, airtight structure for years to come. Focusing on energy efficiency will add value to your property and reputation, and ensure the happiness of your future occupants. Dont waste money on building wrap. Invest in the proper air barrier and moisture barrier and witness the long-lasting benefits.

If you would like more information on how DELTA® products can help buildings become airtight and energy efficient click here.

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