How to Fix a Leaking Window with Matt Risinger

How to Fix a Leaking Window 

Making sure your windows are sealed and protected can not only save you time and money but can also help you extend the life of a home. Without proper window installation, gaps and cracks can allow rot and mold to develop, leaving the structure compromised.


Why It’s Important to Have Proper Window Installation

Proper window detailing ensures a continuous air and water barrier between the window and the wall, protecting the structure from rain, snow, and wind. It is an important part of air tightness and provides greater energy efficiency within the home. Having a tight seal around your window frame prevents any heat or air from escaping, keeping your home warm during winter and cool during summer months. Lastly, having an effective vapor barrier around the window can also prevent moisture from passing through, which helps keep condensation at bay.


Installing a house wrap like DELTA®-VENT SA helps provide protection against moisture, vapor, and air. This step-by-step installation shows you how to apply this product to the structure easily and also demonstrates how to properly prep and apply window flashing so that the windows are airtight and watertight.


How to Detect Window Leaks 

  • Inspect all of your windows for any cracks or signs of water marks or water damage 
  • Try to shake or move the window frame to see if it rattles or shifts 
  • Look for any broken or missing caulking around the seams 
  • Look for any condensation around the windows or air gaps around the frame


Window Leaks Test with Matt Risinger from The Build Show

Matt Risinger from The Build Show has partnered with Dörken to demonstrate how to test a window install for leaks. This window has just been properly installed using best practices, by applying the DELTA®-FLASHING system.  Matt demonstrates how to see if your window install is waterproof through this simple test.


Having a perfect window install can help keep the house dry for years to come, even if a leak occurs years later. 

Want to Learn More about Window Detailing and Installation? Check out this interview with Matt Risinger from The Build Show about a builder’s first time using a peel-and-stick house wrap and first window installation using Dörken’s DELTA® products. In the interview, they discuss how to choose the right products for airtightness, long-term building integrity, moisture protection, and more.