Premium Metal Cladding Systems and Roofing Benefits

Metal Cladding Systems

The aesthetically pleasing nature of zinc and copper cladding attracts architects looking to unite durability, sustainability and creative expression. High-end metal cladding provides a dramatic and eye-catching contrast to other materials, including brick, glass, wood and concrete.

High End Metal Cladding and Its Benefits

Both metals are popular for use in metal cladding because they are soft and easy to form. Zinc and copper are also very durable metals that are highly weather-resistant. Zinc cladding continues to be increasingly popular as a cost-effective, long-lasting, sustainable and attractive material in both roof and wall systems.

Copper cladding has long been popular due to the natural process of weathering and oxidation that transitions the material from shiny bright at installation to matte brown over time. Oxidation often yields a wide range of brownish hues sometimes accentuated by purplish undertones. On pitched surfaces, alkaline compounds often develop, resulting in the unmistakable green patina that simultaneously serves as both an architectural accent and a protective element that further extends longevity.

Excellent Sustainability

In an era of green building and increased sustainability goals, metal cladding is a popular choice in commercial building design because both copper and zinc are highly sustainable materials. While architectural-grade zinc is often composed of 90-95 percent recycled material, some manufacturers fabricate zinc panels from 100-percent recycled material. Some manufacturers now offer architectural-grade copper cladding from 100-percent recycled metal.

Dealing with Moisture Concerns

When you are designing with high-end metal cladding, you don’t want condensation concerns to inhibit creativity. In most applications, high-quality zinc panels will last virtually forever, with minimal maintenance. However, it is important to use a high-performance moisture barrier in conjunction with drainage under zinc or copper panels in order to eliminate the potential for moisture accumulation due to condensation on the underside of the panels. Although zinc cladding is popular because of its general corrosion resistance, such panels are potentially compromised when moisture is trapped behind the panels for extended periods of time.

Condensation is a common challenge with metal roof and wall systems, especially in humid climates and those with relatively extreme hot-cold cycles. When warm, humid air comes in contact with a cool surface, condensation is common. If this process is too prolonged or too frequent, metal surfaces may stay wet for extended periods, and this may lead to long-term deterioration. It is important to avoid the problem, because it is often expensive to resolve after the fact.

When it comes to metal wall and roof systems, vapor drive can move in both directions as climatic conditions change. As a result, a moisture barrier that is both vapor permeable and waterproof is often an essential part of systems that employ metal cladding. Another consideration is the proper use of fasteners that potentially minimizes vapor drive.

A High-performance Solution for Zinc and Copper

Metal Cladding System | DELTA Trela CutawayDELTA®-TRELA is a high-quality underlayment with structural separation and drainage layer specifically designed for use with high-end metal cladding, whether it be fabricated from zinc, copper, aluminum or galvanized steel. It is ideal for use with both ventilated and non-ventilated drainable metal clad roofs and walls.




DELTA®-TRELA is an underlayment that offers both waterproof and vapor-permeable characteristics. Its dual functionality is achieved by heat-bonding two outer layers of spun-bonded, non-woven polypropylene to an inner layer of waterproof film. A three-dimensional fiber mesh is also bonded to the top side. DELTA®-TRELA offers excellent resistance to the elements, including ultraviolet light, during installation. In fact, it can remain exposed for as long as three months.

Dörken delivers innovative, high-performance air and moisture barriers for commercial and residential construction sold under the DELTA® brand name. A North American manufacturer based out of Beamsville, Ontario, Dörken Products, Inc. is a subsidiary of Ewald Dörken AG, a leading European developer and manufacturer of waterproofing and drainage products sold worldwide. Dörken is known for delivering premium products while providing educational programs and full technical support. For more information, call 1-888-4DELTA4 (433-5824) or visit