Prevent Harmful Moisture and Radiation from Entering Your Home

Prevent Harmful Moisture and Radiation from Entering Your Home

One of the problems with many interior vapor barriers, such as polyethylene, is that no matter how well the product is installed, it is almost impossible to prevent harmful moisture and radiation from entering your home.  

Every staple, seam, or penetration creates an opportunity for moisture to get past the vapor barrier and into the wall cavity. This can lead to mold, moisture damage, and a reduction in the performance of the insulation. To protect the wall cavity and insulation from these problems, a high performance barrier that is impermeable to water vapor is the best solution.

The High Performance Barrier Solution

DELTA®-REFLEX is completely impermeable to water vapor. This highly effective barrier helps to prevent wetting and damage of thermal insulation, protecting the building enclosure for many years to come.

Energy Efficient and Protective from Harmful Electromagnetic Radiation

Additionally, the product is composed of a highly reflective and corrosion-resistant aluminum layer which enhances the effectiveness of thermal insulation by up to 10% when installed as a radiant barrier. DELTA-REFLEX’s internal aluminum layer reflects of to 50% of radiant heat if installed with an adjacent air gap and shields up to 99% of hazardous electromagnetic radiation. DELTA®-REFLEX can be installed explicitly as a radiant barrier.

The unique structure and material composition of DELTA®-REFLEX makes this contractor-friendly product easy to handle. The extremely high tensile strength prevents tearing during installation, while extreme flexibility allows for quick installation, even in difficult places.


Dörken delivers innovative, high-performance air and moisture barriers for commercial and residential construction sold under the DELTA® brand name. A North American manufacturer based out of Beamsville, Ontario, Dörken Products, Inc. is a subsidiary of Ewald Dörken AG, a leading European developer and manufacturer of waterproofing and drainage products sold worldwide. Dörken is known for delivering premium products while providing educational programs and full technical support. For more information, call 1-888-4DELTA4 (433-5824) or visit