Roof Underlayment Problems: Felt Underlayments Are Prone to Damage


DELTA®-VENT S roofing underlayment

Ordinary felt underlayments can absorb moisture which can damage the roof deck. Subsequently, moisture can cause the underlayment to swell, creating a roof that appears warped or wrinkled. If the roofing underlayment prematurely fails before the roofing material, you are wasting time and money on a roof that could have lasted longer if the correct underlayment was installed.

Felt underpayments are also prone to other types of damage, such as being torn during installation. All of these problems lead to premature underlayment replacement.

A High Performance Underlayment is the Solution

Using a high performance underlayment will provide protection, energy conservation, and sustainability to create a long lasting roofing system.

DELTA®-VENT S is a heavy duty, highly permeable roofing underlayment. The 3-layer, spun-bonded polypropylene is suitable for all roof claddings.

Completely waterproof, DELTA®-VENT S provides reliable protection against wind-driven rain and snow. Water accumulation within the building is not a problem either. Due to the products high permeability, moisture accumulation within the structure is able to escape via diffusion.

DELTA®-VENT S helps maximize air tightness, making it ideal for energy-efficient construction.

DELTA®-VENT S is a 3-layer water-resistive barrier. Its two outer layers are made of a high strength spun-bonded polypropylene fabric, which are thermally bonded to a highly vapor permeable, watertight polymeric middle layer. A fabric layer on the lower side protects the underlayment against damage (e.g. roughly sawed sheathing).

Compared to bitumen and asphalt saturated roofing felts, DELTA®-VENT S is lightweight, making installation quick and easy. A large roll size simplifies installation, while minimizing laps and maximizing productivity.

Leave the problems associated with felt roofing underlayments behind, instead consider a versatile, high performance underlayment that ensures air and water tightness.