Why is waterproofing your house important?

Why protecting your house from water important


Waterproofing is an important step in protecting a home or building. It helps to extend the life of the structure and prevent water issues such as mold, mildew, and rot. By effectively waterproofing the structure, you eliminate a number of health risks to those who live within it and costly repairs to the interior or exterior.


How a air and water resistive barrier works

It works to prevent air and moisture from getting inside the exterior wall assembly and into the interior of a building. The membrane needs to have adequate permeability so it can allow moisture that enters from within the building to escape and dry out. Installing a air and water resistive barrier can help reduce building issues and protect it for years to come.


Which membrane is best?

DELTA®-VENT SA is a self-adhering air- and water-resistive barrier that features industry-leading vapor permeability to effectively allow any moisture to escape. It’s also easy to install, lightweight, durable, and provides superior performance in any weather condition.


In this Build Show video, Matt Risinger shows a variety of different manufacturer displays, including Dörken’s DELTA®-VENT SA display, and provides some waterproofing best practices, as well as issues that can occur due to improper installation. Matt shows DELTA®-VENT SA  being used in a commercial application, with other DELTA® components like DELTA®-MULTI-BAND and DELTA®-FLEXX-BAND that can work together to provide a solid application and seal.

Protect your structures with the right waterproofing solutions 

For more information on DELTA®-VENT SA and what makes it a high-performing air- and water-resistive barrier, see The Future of Housewraps, where Matt Risinger talks about some of its unique features.