Tile and Slate Roofs Require Specialized Protection

tile and slate roof underlayment

The Proper Tile and Slate Roof Underlayment Can Prevent Expensive, Premature Replacement

Unlike asphalt shingle roofs, which are nailed tightly to the underlayment, tile and slate roofs allow air and moisture vapor to flow beneath them. Without the proper protection, moisture can accumulate underneath the roofing and cause costly damage.

A High Performance Underlayment is the Solution

When you invest in a 100 year roof material, you want a substructure that will last 100 years as well. A high performance underlayment will allow moisture that otherwise would be trapped under the tile or slate to diffuse outward and into the ventilated space, preventing moisture accumulation, giving the roof structure that long life you desire.

DELTA®-FOXX is the highest vapor permeability water resistive underlayment on the market today. This high performance roof underlayment has been specifically designed for use with tile and slate roofs. 

This underlayment is watertight, resisting the passage of bulk water from wind-driven rain and snow. Additionally, DELTA®-FOXX acts as a drainage plane under the roofing. It channels water away from the structure, protecting the structure from damaging effects of moisture infiltration.

A water-repellent dispersion coating makes DELTA®-FOXX the most advanced moisture management roof underlayment on the market. It keeps your insulation dry and functional.

Composed of special polyester non-woven substrate, this membrane is extremely tear and scuff resistant, which helps it to withstand the rigors of job sites, as well as tough wind and weather conditions.

Investing in the proper underlayment for your roof will prevent costly issues down the line. Specifically designed for tile and slate, the vapor permeable DELTA®-FOXX will provide reliable protection for years to come, and help prevent an expensive, premature replacement.