Dry Foundations 101 Webinar

Watch on Demand featuring Matt Risinger, Jake Bruton, and Adrian Wegner


Matt Risinger from The Build Show Network and our expert panelists discuss some of the best water-management practices for foundations and below-grade structures, and how to keep homes protected.


Dry Foundations 101


The major cause of many common foundation issues is water. Without a solid foundation protection system, basement leaks can occur, resulting in unwanted moisture, mold, mildew, or rot. This can create significant issues in regards to the comfort and health of homeowners, as well as present serious structural concerns.

To combat these common foundation issues, Dörken has partnered with Matt Risinger, Jake Bruton, and Dörken’s own Architectural Consultant & Territory Sales Manager Adrian Wegner as our expert panelists.


This webinar, Dry Foundations 101, will dig into water management practices for foundations and below-grade structures, and how to keep homes protected.

In this on demand webinar, you will learn:

  • Reasons behind why/how moisture enters the foundation;
  • How to identify faulty foundation walls;
  • How builders are at risk; and
  • The correct systems that will minimize risk and errors.

Watch The Webinar


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Matt Risinger

Matt started learning about construction by working summers at an inner-city ministry that fixed up row houses for elderly people who owned their homes but couldn’t afford to maintain them. He got a BS in Industrial Management from Grove City College and wanted to work for Toyota as he was fascinated with all things from Japan. He ended up working for one of the National Production Builders (NVR Ryan Homes) after college where he met his Texan wife in Washington, D.C. His seven years with that mega builder were really fun, but didn’t satisfy his desire for “Craftsmanship” as he was building houses insanely fast. He moved to Portland, OR in 2002 and it was the national mold crisis that led him to the path of Building Science. He wanted to learn why these houses were failing, and learning everything about the science behind construction has been a passion ever since.


Adrian Wegner:

Adrian has been an integral part of the Dörken family for over a decade. As the Architectural Consultant & Territory Sales Manager, Adrian’s expertise is in helping architects, designers, and builders find the right solutions to achieve better building, through high-performance products that are made to last.


Jake Bruton:

Jake Bruton is a builder and remodeler in Columbia, Missouri. As the owner of Aarow Building for more than a decade, Jake brings his education in art to energy-efficient, durable, and architecturally significant homes. Growing up in a remodeling and repair business positioned him for success when building because of the vast amount of time fixing, repairing, and replacing the mistakes of previous methods of construction. Jake regularly writes for Fine Homebuilding, Journal of Light Construction, Pro Remodeler, and Pro Tradecraft. As a speaker he has presented at JLC Live, Fine Homebuilding Summit, JLC Deck and Remodeling, and EEBA. Jake is currently raising a family of three children with his wife in Columbia, Missouri.


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