How We Engineered a More Energy-Efficient Vapor Permeable Air Barrier

Building high-performing structures requires high-quality building materials, correct installation, and attention to detail – especially when building to meet energy-efficiency standards. And these standards will only rise as the industry works towards net zero targets and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

As a building materials manufacturer, we play a vital role in helping builders achieve higher standards. That’s why we engineered DELTA®-VENT SA, a vapor permeable air barrier enabling more energy-efficient building.

Certified Passive House Consultant Krzysztof Apriasz explains the unique features and benefits of the self-adhering air barrier and highlights some of the design and appearance upgrades we added. He’ll also show how the system makes installation easier and more predictable for guaranteed performance.

About DELTA®-VENT SA vapor permeable air barrier

An air barrier is an essential component of building envelope systems, and its primary purpose is to prevent the uncontrolled movement of air in and out of a building. By sealing gaps, cracks, and joints in the building’s structure, an air barrier helps enhance energy efficiency, occupant comfort, and indoor air quality.

delta vent sa vapor permeable air barrier

With the DELTA®-VENT SA vapor permeable air barrier, builders can meet and surpass rising energy-efficiency requirements, improve the performance of the wall system, and maintain healthy and comfortable interiors, all while moving moisture out.

two installers applying delta vent sa air barrier

The air barrier improves the performance of wall systems by adhering to the substrate so that fasteners are not required, eliminating leaks due to penetration. DELTA®-VENT SA is dimensionally stable and has the most tightly sealed and secure side laps in the industry.

Why an air barrier should be vapor permeable

An air barrier should be vapor-permeable because it allows for effective moisture management within the building envelope by allowing water vapor to pass through. 

This helps prevent the accumulation of trapped moisture within the building’s structure, reducing the risk of condensation, mold growth, and deterioration of materials. By facilitating the escape of moisture, a vapor-permeable air barrier contributes to the building’s durability, energy efficiency, and indoor air quality. 

It balances air sealing and moisture control, creating a more sustainable and comfortable living or working environment.

The DELTA®-VENT SA air barrier system has been specified and trusted for several stunning architectural building projects in North America, including the Science Pyramid in Denver Botanic Gardens and the Audain Art Museum in Whistler, BC.