How to Keep Basements Dry Webinar with David de Maria

Improving your foundation’s moisture protection holds several benefits, including:

  1. Creating more comfortable living spaces
  2. Eliminating dampness and odors
  3. Preventing mold and mildew
  4. Restricting soil gases
  5. Avoiding adverse health effects
  6. Reducing overall energy consumption

Having a foundation with the right protection in place helps homebuilders ensure they’ve built a durable, high-quality structure.

Dörken’s Director of Sales, David de Maria presents to the Canadian Home Builders’ Association in this on-demand webinar, covering the best way to keep a basement dry from moisture, and how to prevent water from entering. He also details common basement moisture issues, how water can enter a basement, what products are available for effective foundation protection, and how to keep your foundation in peak condition for years to come.

In this on-demand webinar, you will learn:

  • How basements have changed, and what that means for homebuyers and sellers
  • The benefits of strong foundations
  • The many different ways that water can enter a basement
  • Common basement moisture issues that can affect health, cost, and building performance
  • Available products that are designed to keep moisture out and basements dry

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