Lessons from North America’s Tightest Building Enclosures Webinar with Graham Finch

Lessons from North America’s Tightest Building Enclosures Webinar

Hitting very tight targets and ensuring airtightness is readily achievable with good design and implementation.

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Looking at some of North America’s tightest building enclosures, learn how air barriers can be a simple, cost-effective and proven approach to high-performance building.



In this on-demand webinar, you will learn:

  • How to compare the pros and cons of different air barrier systems depending on project goals;
  • Which considerations are most important when selecting air barrier materials;
  • How to achieve measurable improvements in airtightness
  • How to apply lessons learned from successful high-performance projects to accurately assess the feasibility of Passive House targets in today’s industry

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About Graham Finch, MASc, P.Eng – Principal, Senior Building Science Specialist , RDH Building Science

Graham Finch is a building science engineer who specializes in enclosure design, research, and investigation work for new and existing buildings. Graham also works with building product manufacturers and other clients on product research and development, performance monitoring, forensic investigations, and field testing. Graham is regularly invited by organizations and clients across Canada and the US to speak to the practical and technical issues of various building science topics. He actively publishes guidelines and technical papers and presents on building science research at local and international conferences. Much of his recent work has focused on high-performance building enclosures, including guidance on improved air barrier systems and achieving airtight buildings.


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