Rainscreens, Vikings, and the Evolution of Protection Webinar

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Rainscreens are a vital, supportive component in the building envelope. Without a proper rainscreen in place, a structure is vulnerable to moisture, air, and water, compromising its durability and appearance. Although rainscreens don’t provide waterproofing protection, they do allow for drainage and moisture evaporation, which helps with moisture control and adding a safety buffer between the building’s moisture barrier and the cladding.

In this on-demand webinar, Dr. Joe Lstiburek, the founding principal of Building Science Corporation, discusses the importance of rainscreens, where they began, and how far they’ve come in design, functionality, and protection. Moving through this evolution, Dr. Lstiburek will uncover how rainscreens are installed today, the building physics behind rainscreens, and what trends we may see in the future.


In this on-demand webinar, you will learn:

  • How rainscreens have adapted for better performance
  • Understanding how rainscreens can enhance thermal performance
  • Why rainscreens are used to improve water management
  • How rainscreens can extend the life of your façade
  • How to make your structures more energy efficient


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About Dr. Joe Lstiburek 

Dr. Joe Lstiburek is the founding principal of Building Science Corporation, one of the most influential, innovative, and respected building science firms in North America. Dr. Lstiburek’s work ranges widely, from providing expert witness testimony to overseeing research and development projects to writing for the ASHRAE Journal. His commitment to advancing the building industry has had a lasting impact on building codes and practices throughout the world, particularly in the areas of air barriers, vapor barriers, and vented and unvented roof assemblies. His commitment to education earned him the hailing, “the dean of North American building science” by the Wall Street Journal. Dr. Lstiburek holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering, a Master of Engineering in Civil Engineering, and a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Building Science. Get the full scope of Dr. Lstiburek’s work, accolades, and contributions to the industry over at Building Science Corporation.


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