DELTA®-MS Receives Declare Red List Free Status


Finally, a below-grade dimpled membrane that contributes to high-performance building compliance.


Demonstrating market leadership in the growing movement towards product transparency and health in the built environment, DELTA®-MS is the first, and only, below-grade dimpled membrane to obtain a Red List Free Declare label with the Living Building Challenge (LBC) International Living Future InstituteSM (ILFI).

The ILFI’s Declare program is a product ingredients initiative designed to expand transparency in the building market and shape a healthier, more sustainable environment for all. DELTA®-MS, known for its durability and industry-leading performance, was the first of its kind introduced to the North American market more than 20 years ago. Now, it’s the only dimpled membrane in full compliance with the highest level of LBC criteria – helping architects and builders better meet advancing building codes and green building practices.

The DELTA®-MS foundation protection system maintains an air gap that keeps moisture and damp soil away from the foundation. Made from 60% recycled and 40% virgin materials, the membrane’s co-extrusion process and offset dimples create higher compressive strength and impact resistance, ensuring its performance and protection last longer, especially when compared to other membranes typically made from 100% recycled materials or sprays. DELTA®-MS is 100% recyclable at the end of its life cycle.

Declare labels set a new standard in sustainable design, focused on manufacturing transparency and tracking the life cycle of materials – offering a reliable reference for where a product is made, what it contains, and options for end-of-life disposal. A product’s compliance with the Red List Imperative is represented by the following Declaration Statuses:

  • LBC Red List Free, which means that the product is free of all red list ingredients;
  • LBC Red List Approved, which means that the product meets the imperative requirements with one or more program exceptions and may contain some Red List chemicals;
  • Declared, which means that the product is not compliant with the Red List or its temporary exceptions.


Better Energy Efficiency from the Ground Up


While there are countless steps you can take to make homes more energy efficient, starting from the ground up is the best approach. To ensure building materials perform properly and maintain their R-value, basements and crawl spaces need to be well protected with durable foundation protection products that help keep the below-grade building envelope and structural components dry. Wet components, whether insulation, wood, or concrete, cannot provide the necessary insulation to keep heat and energy from escaping.

Choosing DELTA®-MS will ensure a basement stays dry, which is good not just for the environment, but for homeowners as well. More specifically, it is net-zero and high-performance-home compliant. DELTA®-MS provides reliable protection for permanently dry basements, keeping moisture away from foundation walls. Air-gap Technology allows incidental moisture that does get past to drain harmlessly to the footing drain. DELTA®-MS keeps protecting even when concrete foundation walls crack – something asphaltic dampproofing sprays can’t do.

Now with a Red List Free Declare Label, DELTA®-MS contributes to the Living Building Challenge and LEED® v4 requirements.

To date, Dörken Systems Inc. has met and achieved Red List Free status on the following products:

  1. DELTA®-MS – Below-grade dimpled membrane
  2. DELTA®-VENT SA – Self-adhering air- and water-resistive barrier


To learn more about the requirements needed to build energy-efficient below-grade spaces, watch our on-demand webinar.