A Solid Structure Starts with a Solid Foundation Webinar with Gord Cooke


On-Demand Webinar with Gord Cooke


A Solid Structure Starts with a Solid Foundation Webinar

Build better basements, increase your margins and sell even more finished basements.

Leaving a basement unfinished can have its advantages but incorporating a finished basement to a build holds even greater potential. Creating a comfortable basement that’s built better allows you to increase your margins, generate more buyer interest and ultimately create a better, more comfortable living space for owners.

In this on-demand webinar, Construction Instruction Partner Gord Cooke shares his knowledge and expertise on how to perfect dry, finished basements, how it can increase margins, and how to find new building opportunities with the latest building codes and programs including Net Zero Ready™ and  Zero Energy Ready™.


In this on-demand webinar, you will learn:

  • How better-built finished basements can increase margins
  • How to minimize warranty risks and increase customer satisfaction
  • How builders can leverage Zero Energy Ready™ and Net Zero Ready™
  • How to build drier, warmer, and less risky basements

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About Gord Cooke, Construction Instruction Inc.

Gord is a professional engineer with over 25 years of experience in the low and high-rise residential building industry. As an educator, industry consultant and much sought-after presenter, Gord has a unique talent for taking the building science issues that he sees in the field, and presenting them in an easily understood and practical real-world manner. Gord has particular expertise in applied building science, energy efficient housing initiatives, innovative HVAC systems, ventilation, and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). He has developed and delivered a multitude of workshops in these fields, as well as sales and marketing courses for builders and real estate agents, to help them best promote the features and benefits of high- performance houses.