Why Use a House Wrap – Matt Risinger

What is a house wrap?

A house wrap is a water-resistive barrier, or WRB, that can be attached under the siding or cladding of a building. It’s especially important to use a house wrap under reservoir cladding, such as brick, stone, or stucco, to prevent it from absorbing too much water and moisture.

Why Use a House Wrap?

A house wrap is used to protect a home or building’s structure. It functions as a WRB, preventing rain from penetrating the wall assembly while allowing water vapor to pass to the exterior. A properly sealed house wrap may also serve as an air barrier. Installing a house wrap into your building design can help to eliminate the risk of mold and other problems caused by water. A house wrap can also provide energy efficiency, as it helps to reduce heating and cooling costs.


How to install a house wrap 

Matt Risinger of the Build Show demonstrates how to properly install a house wrap for stucco using Dörken’s manufacturer guidelines. In this DELTA®-VENT SA & DELTA®-DRY review video, Matt Risinger shows the complete house wrap installation process – from how to apply DELTA®-VENT SA, a vapor permeable, self-adhering air- and water-resistive barrier, to how to apply DELTA®-DRY STUCCO & STONE against the WRB to provide superior drainage and an air gap for even more moisture protection. 

Which house wrap is best? 

When it comes to applying a barrier that’s water resistant, air tight, and permeable, DELTA®-VENT SA is the best house wrap. DELTA®-VENT SA provides superior performance and protection and is equipped with a self-adhered adhesive, which means no fasteners are required. With its easy self-adhesive edge-lap, you can ensure every overlap is sealed tight, eliminating any leaks or gaps. DELTA®-VENT SA creates a continuous air, water, and weather barrier that is 50 perms – the industry leader in vapor permeability.


Learn more about house wraps with Matt Risinger 

In A Builder’s First Time Using Peel and Stick House Wrap, Matt Risinger speaks to Emily Press, a Builder and Owner of Emerald & Laurel Design Build in Austin, TX, about her experience using DELTA®-VENT SA, her first peel-and-stick house wrap, for her construction project.