High-Performance Buildings: DELTA®-DRY & LATH

If you’re looking for a product that provides superior ventilation and drainage and is easy to install, Dörken’s collection of DELTA®-DRY products is designed to meet your needs.



Dörken is always working to provide innovative products. A great example of this is DELTA®-DRY, a heavy-duty polyethylene membrane that provides superior ventilation and drainage.

Krzysztof Apriasz, Dörken’s Technical Service Manager, takes you through the evolution of DELTA®-DRY rainscreen, and how its proven technology has been adapted to create innovative 2-in-1 rainscreen and lath solutions for absorptive cladding – DELTA®-DRY STUCCO & STONE and DELTA®-DRY & LATH. To have these products to perform as they should, it’s important to ensure you have the correct installation process and materials.

Stucco and stone are two cladding materials that are known to soak up water. DELTA®-DRY STUCCO & STONE works to ensure proper drainage and moisture evaporation from behind these two cladding materials. This rainscreen features air gaps on both the interior and exterior side of the membrane, which allows water vapor to escape, resulting in higher ventilation,  minimized condensation and excellent drainage.

DELTA®-DRY & LATH combines a rainscreen with a fiberglass lath, offering installers moisture control with more convenience. This two-in-one solution allows installers to save time and is a safer option than separately installing a standard metal lath. Its High-Density Polyethylene and Air-Gap Technology work to control water and vapor from both the interior and exterior sides of the membrane.

Watch as Krzysztof takes you through the evolution of DELTA®-DRY, diving into the features and benefits of what makes each of these products unique.


About Krzysztof Apriasz

Krzysztof is Dörken’s Technical Service Manager, responsible for ensuring proper installation and use of all DELTA® products. He also works to maintain and uphold all building code approvals as well as provide product solutions for the whole building envelope, helping to build and maintain healthy structures and homes that are free from mold, moisture, and rot. Krzysztof is also a Certified Passive House Consultant, providing extensive expertise to customers in building for energy efficiency.



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