Designing a Better Rainscreen Cladding System

How to Design a High-Performance Rainscreen Cladding System


Dörken is always working to provide innovative building materials and products. A great example is DELTA®-DRY, a heavy-duty polyethylene rainscreen that provides superior ventilation and drainage for homes built with absorbent cladding like stucco or manufactured stone.

But we saw an opportunity to further improve productivity and build quality. So, we set out to design a new product engineered for high-performance rainscreen cladding systems.

The results?

Watch the video below as Krzysztof Apriasz, a certified Passive House Consultant, takes you through the evolution of the DELTA®-DRY rainscreen and how its proven technology has been adapted to create an innovative 2-in-1 rainscreen and lath solution for absorptive cladding – DELTA®-DRY STUCCO & STONE and DELTA®-DRY & LATH.


A closer look at rainscreen details


Stucco and stone are two cladding materials that are known to soak up water. DELTA®-DRY STUCCO & STONE works to ensure proper drainage and moisture evaporation from behind these two cladding materials.

This rainscreen product features air gaps on both the interior and exterior side of the membrane, which allows water vapor to escape, resulting in higher ventilation, minimized condensation and excellent drainage.

See the details for our residential rainscreen system at the base of a wall foundation, at a window sill, and at the top of a wall:

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Installing a rainscreen and lath separately requires additional fasteners and increases labor costs. Metal mesh poses a safety hazard to the workers during installation due to sharp metal. Installing absorptive cladding over wood-based sheathing can lead to moisture damage to the wall assembly.

DELTA®-DRY & LATH combines our rainscreen design with a fiberglass lath, offering installers moisture control with more convenience, plus added safety on the job site.

This two-in-one solution allows installers the ability to save time and is a safer option than separately installing a standard metal lath. Its High-Density Polyethylene and Air-Gap Technology work to control water and vapor from both the interior and exterior sides of the membrane.

Here’s how the rainscreen system details look at the base of a wall at the foundation, at the window sill, and at the top of the wall:

If you’re looking for a better rainscreen design that provides superior ventilation and drainage, and is easy to install, Dörken’s collection of DELTA®-DRY rainscreen products is designed for your needs.