Construction Trends of the Future: A Building Scientist Debate with Dr. John Strabue and Dr. Joe Lstiburek

With more than 60 years of combined experience, Dr. John Straube and Dr. Joe Lstiburek are respected educators and building science professionals in commercial and residential construction. Their commitment to advancing the building industry has had a lasting impact on building codes and practices throughout North America and around the world.

For the first time, Dr. Straube and Dr. Lstiburek participated in a virtual debate, moderated by Dörken’s Vice President Marcus Jablonka, on today’s and tomorrow’s high-performance construction trends, code changes, and common building mistakes.

The two influential building science experts go head-to-head on a variety of the hottest topics:

  • Airtightness testing;
  • Mass timber building;
  • Modular construction;
  • Building codes; and
  • Mixed-use & multi-family concepts.

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Meet Our Building Science Experts:

Dr. John Straube

John Straube, Ph.D., P.Eng., is a principal at RDH Building Science Inc., where he heads forensic investigations and leads research projects in the areas of low-energy building design, building enclosure performance, hygrothermal analysis, and field monitoring of wall assemblies. He is also a prolific writer and a noted public speaker.

In addition to his work with RDH, Dr. Straube is a cross-appointed faculty member in the School of Architecture and the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Waterloo. Dr. Straube’s leadership as a building scientist and an educator has been recognized with multiple awards, including the Lifetime Achievement Award in Building Science Education from the National Consortium of Housing Research Centers (NCHRC) and the Professional Leadership Award from the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA). Get the full scope of Dr. Straube’s work, awards, and contributions to the industry over at RDH.

Dr. Joe Lstiburek

Joe Lstiburek is the founding principal of Building Science Corporation, one of the most influential, innovative, and respected building science firms in North America. Dr. Lstiburek’s work ranges widely, from providing expert witness testimony to overseeing research and development projects to writing for the ASHRAE Journal. His commitment to advancing the building industry has had a lasting impact on building codes and practices throughout the world, particularly in the areas of air barriers, vapor barriers, and vented and unvented roof assemblies.

Dr. Lstiburek is also an acclaimed educator who has taught thousands of professionals over the past three decades and written countless papers as well as the best-selling Builder’s Guides. His commitment to education earned him the hailing “the dean of North American building science” by the Wall Street Journal.

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