Stucco Exteriors: Waterproofing Over Stucco Details Webinar

Whether you’re building with traditional three-coat stucco or modern one-coat, no system is impervious to water intrusion.

Since water can leak through cracks, penetrations, or through the stucco exterior itself, all stucco exteriors rely on a backup waterproof drainage plane to protect the structure.

In partnership with Construction Instruction, this one-hour webinar will discuss construction details for waterproofing over stucco exteriors, including water and air barrier material choices. Industry expert and host Justin Wilson also explains what separates successful stucco installations from those that are prone to premature failure (hint: It’s all about water management).


In this on-demand stucco waterproofing webinar, you will learn:

  • How to improve stucco aesthetics
  • Identifying assembly detail risks
  • Designing a water management system for stucco exteriors that provides the necessary ventilation and drainage
  • Selecting the right water and air barrier material for stucco wall construction

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About Justin Wilson

Justin Wilson

One of the industry experts of Construction Instruction, Justin Wilson works with national and regional builders on new construction of residential and commercial buildings and forensic investigations on building sites all over North America to find solutions to problems in the building process that affect energy, comfort, and durability. He also uses this insight to work with leading building product manufacturers on new product development, product refinements, and installation and maintenance guidelines.




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